Artwork by German Velasquez

Photography immersed in a world of aesthetic perfectionism and fantasy by German Velasquez Salinas

German Velasquez Salinas was born in Medellin (Colombia) and studied at the Advertisement Arts Institute of Medellin. In 1993, he moved to New York City to practice photography at the School of Visual Arts to later return home and become one of the leading photographers of the country.

 Immersed in a world of aesthetic perfectionism and fantasy, German has collaborated with national and international brands, allowing him to achieve expertise in the fashion industry and display his passion for photography. The combination of artificial with natural light creates contrasts between shadows and light--generating praise in New York, Cuba, Dubai, Miami, Rio de Janeiro, London, among others.

 Since 2010, German began to explore with body movement in still image. His work ¨Multipersonalidad¨, through which he was invited to the Florence Biennale, consisted of a series of images, in which each photograph was made with several overlapping images. This work portrays the different  personalities one may go through in life. At the Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence (Italy), German received the Lorenzo Il Magnifico award which recognizes the best photographers worldwide. After completion of the Biennale, his works were taken to Paris to be exhibited. Following his success in Italy and France, German also received invitations to participate in biennials and art festivals in Beijing, Dublin and New York.


o   Biennial of Contemporary Art Florence (Italy) - 2011

o   New York Artifact Gallery - 2012

o   Red Dot Miami (Art Basel) - 2013

o   vertical gallery Medellin /2016

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